"The 'Invisible' $39 Million Secret: How Top Contractors Are Silently Dominating Their Local Markets"

Proven Results for Home Improvement & Home Builder Professionals

Hey there, fellow home improvement pro!

I'm Bren, and if you're watching this, chances are you've seen me on YouTube sharing digital marketing tips for contractors like yourself. But what you might not know is that beyond those free tips, I've got a complete system that's helped hundreds of contractors just like you transform their businesses.

Why Listen to Me? 18 Years of Home Improvement Marketing Mastery

Look, I get it. You're probably thinking, "Another marketing guy making big promises." But here's the deal:

  • I've managed over $39 million in ad spend for contractors

  • Generated more than 322,000 leads for home improvement pros worldwide

  • Helped 70% of my clients double their revenue within 12 months

And you know what? I'm still working with my very first client from 18 years ago. (Hey Gary, if you're reading this!)

The Problem: You're Invisible Where It Matters Most

Here's the harsh truth I've learned over nearly two decades in this business:

Your craftsmanship? Top-notch. Your reputation? Stellar. But in today's digital world, that's not enough.

  • 93% of buying decisions start online

  • 87% of homeowners use the internet to find contractors

  • 63% choose one of the first three businesses they see in search results

If your digital game isn't strong, you're invisible to your ideal clients. Period.

1. Precision Targeting

Using advanced data analysis, we identify the exact demographics, behaviors, and search patterns of your ideal clients. This allows me to place your message in front of the right people at the right time.


One kitchen remodeling client saw a 215% increase in qualified leads within 3 months of implementing this strategy.

215% More Leads

2. Compelling Message Creation

We craft messages that speak directly to your ideal clients' needs and desires. Each piece of copy is meticulously tested and refined for maximum impact.


A bathroom renovation business landing page conversion rate jumped 112% from better copywriting, landing page design and offer.

112% More Leads

3. Multi-Channel Presence

I ensure your business is visible across all relevant digital channels, including search engines, social media, and industry-specific platforms.


A custom home builder - I implemented my remarketing strategies and offers along with my email sequences and saw an 87% increase in leads with no increase in ad spend.

87% More Leads

4. Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

I build and write high converting landing pages, optimized for converting visitors into qualified leads.


One client saw their website conversion rate increase from 2.3% to 11.7% within 2 months of implementing my design principles.

Monster Increase In Leads

5. Automated Lead Nurturing

I implement systems that automatically follow up with leads, providing valuable information and guiding them towards a consultation.


A remodeling company increased their lead-to-consultation ratio by 63% using my automated nurturing sequences.

63% Increase in Qualified Leads

But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

I don't expect you to take my word for it. Here are specific, verifiable results from real clients:

"Bren transformed our struggling business into a lead-generating powerhouse. We're now pulling in 150+ leads monthly and hit $25 Million in annual revenue!"

Alex - Custom Home Builder & ADU's

  1. Kitchen Remodeler in New York:

Before: $921,000 annual revenue

After: $5 million annual revenue in 18 months

Key Strategy: Precision targeting combined with compelling message creation

  1. Custom Home Builder in Texas:

    Before: Inconsistent project pipeline

    After: 3-month waiting list of premium projects

    Key Strategy: Multi-channel presence and conversion-focused landing pages

  1. Bathroom Renovation Specialist in Chicago:

    Before: Average project value of $15,000

    After: Average project value of $28,050 (87% increase) in 11 months

    Key Strategy: Automated lead nurturing and precision targeting

What Sets Me Apart? Everything You Need, Ready to Go

Unlike other agencies that start from scratch with every client, I've got:

  • Pre-made email sequences tailored for every niche in home improvement

  • Cost calculators and quizzes proven to convert for contractors

  • Video ad templates that have generated millions in revenue

Plus, I don't just "do marketing." I help you grow your entire business. We're talking lead quality, sales process improvements, and strategies to increase your average project value.

Is This Right for You?

Look, I'll be straight with you. This isn't for everyone. You're a great fit if:

  • Your business is doing $1-20 million in annual revenue (sweet spot is $5 million+)

  • You're serious about growth and ready to implement proven strategies

  • You value expertise and want someone who knows the contracting industry inside out and wants to help you build your business.

What You Get: The "Digital Growth Audit and Strategy Session"

I'm not just offering a quick chat. I'm giving you a comprehensive growth blueprint, absolutely free:

  • In-Depth Digital Growth Audit: A thorough analysis of your current digital presence, uncovering hidden opportunities and quick wins.

  • Custom Game Plan Document: A 7-15 page strategy tailored specifically to your business, detailing exact steps to skyrocket your leads and revenue.

  • Private Video Breakdown: A 20-40 minute screen recording where I personally dissect your marketing channels (Google Ads, Facebook, TikTok, landing pages, SEO) and provide actionable insights.

  • 1-Hour Strategy Consultation: We'll dive deep into your business, discussing your goals and how to achieve them. No sales pitch, just pure value.

  • BONUS: Video Ads Mastery Guide: I'm throwing in my exclusive guide that breaks down video ads that have spent over $690,000 in ad spend. Learn the secrets of high-performing video campaigns in the contracting industry.

Why Am I Offering This for Free?

Look, I know you've probably been burned before by "marketing gurus" who over-promise and under-deliver. That's not my style. I believe in proving my value upfront.

This isn't a sneaky sales tactic. There's absolutely no obligation to work with me after this session. My goal is simple: to provide so much value that you'll see for yourself how I can transform your business.

If we're a good fit and you want to continue working together, great! If not, you'll still walk away with a goldmine of strategies you can implement yourself.

How to Claim Your Free Digital Growth Accelerator Package

Due to the intensive, personalized nature of these sessions, I can only offer 2 spots per week. These fill up fast, so don't wait.

To claim your spot, simply click the button below and select a time that works for you:


Remember, this is about arming you with the knowledge and strategies to dominate your local market. No pressure, no obligations - just pure, actionable value to help you grow your contracting business.

Let's cut through the digital noise and get you in front of your ideal clients.